About Us

Our Mission:

William M. Meredith is a caring community where students are valued for their similarities and differences and empowered to own their educational experience through exploration, innovation, expression, and collaboration. Utilizing a growth mindset, we cultivate an equitable and inclusive school community by:

1.  Understanding our own cultural identities and experiences
2.  Engaging in standards-based, content-rich, and culturally responsive curriculum
3.  Engaging in anti-racist discussions, practices, and action
4.  Cultivating reciprocal relationships between faculty, students, families, and the community

Our Vision:

William M. Meredith aspires to become a place of inquiry and innovation where each child is provided with the support needed to flourish. We acknowledge the beauty in our diverse school community and cultivate well-rounded learners who serve the global community. We strive to do this work through a whole-child approach to learning that includes Social-Emotional Learning, Anti-racist Education, and Social Justice Education.

Core Values:

  • There is great joy in discovery and learning.
  • Educators are facilitators of growth
  • All students have unique and valuable talents.
  • Differentiation is the key to academic success.
  • Differences are not deficiencies.
  • People thrive when they adopt a growth mindset.
  • Failure, challenge, and success are all part of the educational process.